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International Democratic Education
Conference 2020
IDEC - The International Democratic Education Conference is a self-governed conference where individuals and organizations who are educators, parents, and young people interested in finding and creating a path for learning in line with children’s own natural ways of living and learning. It is not an organization, but a community keeping in touch through a few common e-lists.

The first IDEC took place in 1993 in Israel, and since then, it has been in about 15 different countries on various continents, to make it easier for those in that region to attend. 

IDEC 2020 schedule to take place in Kathmandu, Nepal, hosted by Sri Aurobindo Yoga Mandir. But due to COVID-19 pandemic it has now been converted into a Web-based program. 

For the last 2 years, Oasis had participated in IDEC-2018 & 2019 (International Democratic Education Conference), at Banglore, India & Ukraine. 
Keynote Session by Sheeba & Sanjiv 

 Further Ahead on Democratic Education
(The Past, Present and Future of Democratic Education)‬‪
True Love? Holy God? Democratic Education?

‪When was Love meant to be anything but True? Or when did God not mean Holy? Doesn’t Education inherently mean Democratic?

‬‪What kind of world did we have until 19th century - that someone needed to invent  Democratic Education? And how much part of world has changed since then? Is the element of democracy good enough for Education? ‬‪What can be the path ahead now?

Humanist Education? Pro-life Education? Natural Education? Spiritual Education? 
All are heartily welcome to join this interesting thought process. Please click here >>>
Date & Time: Sunday 1st Nov 7:30pm on zoom meet (IST)

Sessions by Oasis Team at IDEC 2020
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What's New in IDEC 2020? 
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Oasis at IDEC 2019 (Ukraine) - Glimpses 
In IDEC 2019 Ukraine, Sanjiv Shah and Sheeba Nair had conducted 5 sessions, 

1. Why Democracy Fails
2. The Magic of Democracy in Seven Days
- Oasis Friendship Camps with a focus on Learning Responsibility through Freedom, Democracy, and Community Living.
3. Dibs in Search of Self at Summerhill in India
4. Building Most Important Asset for Democratic Education
5. Is Democratic Education Enough?
Sheeba Nair (left) and Sanjiv Shah (right) conducting a session for an international audience.
Group Photo with Different Leaders Working Across the Globe for Democratic Education.
Sheeba Nair shares the experience of representing Oasis and interacting with democratic educators across the globe at IDEC 2019 held in Ukraine.
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