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On this Sunday, 13th  June 2021

 Inspirational Dialogue with
Shaheen Mistri 

Oasis Launches Series of Online Guest Sessions...
Shaheen Mistri is the CEO of ‘Teach For India', a nationwide mission to build a movement of leaders who will eliminate inequity in education, and serves as one of its founding board members. She is also the Founder of the Akanksha Foundation.

Ashoka Fellow and a recipient of the Indo-American Society’s Young Achiever Award.
• Sees Education as the means to uplift others and make the world better.
• A “Foolish Dreamer” and firm believer in synergistic efforts to bring change.
• Dreams of every child living in a world free of poverty and filled with love.

"One Day all Children will Attain an Excellent Education" 
Click Here for Zoom Meeting Link to Attend this Session on 13th June (Sunday) - 4:00pm to 6:00pm IST 
Teach For India: CEO Shaheen Mistri at TEDxASB
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Click Here >>> to Study the Website of Akanksha Foundation
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