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Oasis at Kerala
Gods' Own Country...
Group photos of Misaal Celebration 2021 in Ernakulam (first photo) & Palakkad (second photo). Participants & Volunteers are celebrating the success of being unique & responsible youths of the nation. Misaal Competition was done in 5 Districts: Palakkad, Thrissur, Ernakulam, Kollam, & Malappuram
Kerala Region Work Overview -2021
Oasis Kerala Team Volunteers - Akhilesh R., Malavika T., Sandra U V, Sneha Varma, Gouri S, Vismaya Jayaraj, Abhinitha A, Seejal PS, R K Jayalakshmi and Aswani R.
Reflection Sharing by Team Volunteers
"From a participant, to a volunteer to leading Misaal - I extended my ability to work hard, which grew my confidence. It's something I am proud of. "

- Sandra U V.,  Palakkad (Kerala Team Volunteer)

"Misaal was a turning point of my life . I realized my true strengths and weaknesses. When I saw happy faces of participants, I felt proud to have contributed to the smiles!"

  - Malavika T.,  Palakkad (Kerala Team Volunteer)

"I thoroughly enjoyed being the team accountant. It wasn't easy because each penny was given for a good cause and being a responsible leader it was my duty to maintain & reduce costs wherever possible. This role helped me grow. "

 - Sneha Varma,  Palakkad (Kerala Team Volunteer)
Oasis Kerala Glimpses... 
Youths taking Offline (first photo) & Online  (second photo) WILL (Weekly Inspiration of Living & Learning) Session for youths of their age, giving inspiration to live life meaningfully.
Life Class session (first photo) to share value based education to the youths of Kerala.   (Conducted 1 Offline Series of LC in Palakkad, 2  Online Series of LC in Ernakulam District) 

Misaal Participants are doing Project Work (second and third photos), the final stage of the competition, to bring positive awareness about social issues.  
Drawing by  Misaal Winner named Avani (Kollam District) expressing gratitude towards Misaal judges for their support in her journey & uplifting her.
Misaal 2021 (Phase 2) Was Led by This Young Team
(Left to Right - Malavika, Abhinitha, Sneha, Vismaya, Gouri, Seejal & Sandra) 
Magic of Oasis Projects
Reflections by Participants & Facilitators... 
Live-Love-Learn (L3) Workshop
"The days that I spent at Oasis Valleys for my L3 workshop were the best 7 days of my life. I was able to find out who I actually am, and it helped me find answers to many questions I had.  Each day we were given a new idea about life which actually changed my point of view regarding many things. Hoping to get back at Oasis Valleys soon."

 - Akash, Misaal Winner, Kollam
Oasis Life Classes 
"Facilitators didn't force us to say anything, instead they gave us time. Through that our confidence to say something in a crowd without any fear increased."

- Thrishna K,  MTHSS Kaloor, Ernakulam (Participant)

"I understood the efforts it takes to  listen and then speak to participants from the position of a facilitator. I was happy that I could learn a lot from them."

- Seejal, Student, Thrissur (Facilitator, Kerala Team Volunteer)
Saamarthya Sessions
"I realized that, as a woman I am being discriminated against in many ways. I was unaware about it and had accepted it as a normal part of life. The sessions really made me question myself and that helped me boost my confidence to cross social norms."

- Vismaya, Law Student, Ernakulam (Kerala Team Volunteer)

"Session  gave us an opportunity and space to open our heart in front of everyone & empathies others.  It made us to break our social norms of gender in the society."

 - Midhul, 3rd year College Student, Palakkad
WILL (Weekly Inspiration for Living  & Learning)  Sessions
"It has always been a different experience to be a facilitator for the WILL sessions. A pack of energetic youths under a single platform, with a determination to 'Be The Change', and make some change in the society. At the end of the session I always feel that the session was unique, productive and filled with lots of new perspectives."

-Jayalakshmi, Political Science Graduate, Palakkad (Facilitator, Kerala Team
Journey of  Oasis MHE of Kerala... 
Oasis Misaal Honourship Explorer (MHE) a flagship project of Oasis, is a two year residential program for preparing young leaders. MHE gives a platform to youths for enhancing their leadership skills and to bring out their hidden potential through the process of character building education. 

Akhilesh R. (MHE Batch 2019-21), went to Kerala as part of this fellowship process in January 2021. Today, Oasis at Kerala  is entirely led by youths! The work done by this region proves that if given right atmosphere of trust and freedom, youths will show responsibility to create magic for the nation.

My journey started in 2019 as an MHE  who came to explore his potential. Oasis in Kerala was a dream for me, a fantasy. Today it's hard to believe that I am celebrating it's first birthday of turning into a reality. 

As a part of this exploration I realized that all youths ultimately want to do good for our nation and the world, but often stave for a platform. 

Oasis in Kerala became an opportunity, a platform for me & many youths to do something for the nation.

I feel so proud that today Kerala - a 'completely new region' is part of Oasis Movement because of these youths who worked selflessly with a heart of giving! I am assured by experience that nothing can stop a pure heart - not even a Pandemic! My biggest lesson in this journey was realizing that doing something with excellence first demands you to be your best self.

- Akhilesh R. (Regional Synergist, Kerala)
Journey of Oasis South India - 2021
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Nutrition for Nurturing Soul... 

 “The young do not know enough to be prudent, and therefore they attempt the impossible, and achieve it, generation after generation.”
Pearl S. Buck.

“Never tell a young person that anything cannot be done.”    
G. M. Trevelyan

“The youth need to be enabled to become job generators from job seekers.”
A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

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