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Oasis Kashmir Festival 2022: Part V (Final)

Meet The Golden-hearted Leaders of Kashmir...

…Who Committed Record 100 Life Camps for Kashmiri Students!

Oasis Kashmir Core Team Members at Celebration Event on 28th May 2022
Further Ahead after 3 Weeks of Whirlwind Facilitators’ Training…

The decision of organising a festival of Oasis programs across Kashmir was taken in October end 2021 during an informal meet of Oasis Core team at Srinagar. The idea was to plan it as soon as schools reopened so as to rejuvenate the disturbed state of young students who would be returning after a gap of almost 2.5 years!

When schools became functional in March 2022, the core team in consensus with Oasis central team announced 9-28th May as the Festival. With Eid festivities and mounting academic pressures, this was a huge challenging feat including training teachers or organising logistics in advance. Yet they all made it happen.

27 Life camps & 3 residential week long Friendship camps influencing lives of around 1000 students & more than 100 educators from 30+ schools of 8 districts of Kashmir! The entire credit goes to brave Oasis Kashmir Core team of School heads. 

To continue their spirit of 'Pay it Forward' created in this beautiful festival, all HOIs gave collective public commitment of 100 Life camps in Kashmir schools with the help of trained teachers in upcoming months. These leaders became "Misaal" (Role Model) for the entire education fraternity working in government system -
"If there is love, there is a way". 
We should continue with these camps

"These camps have been very helpful to our students and even to our  teachers. We should continue with these kind of camps so that students are exposed to tough environment which is not a comfort zone. And if they maintain high productivity in such environment they become intelligent.  Life out there is very difficult. These camps teach them to face life."

~ Tassaduq Hussain Mir 
Director of School Education, Kashmir, Srinagar, J & K
Glimpses of hearty reflections by core team of Oasis Kashmir

Secret lies in Our Commitment!

Oasis team in a short span of stay covered 8 districts and had a huge impact first time in Kashmir. The HOI's despite official constraints and busy schedules without wasting any time succeeded in getting the maximum from the dynamic facilitators. The teachers showed keen interest in learning to pay it forward. 
The success of Life camps and Friendship camps can be imagined from the stories of participating students.

The students expressed themselves candidly in a big gathering of Kashmir Festival about their inability to stand and speak in a classroom. Before their participation in life camp ,the students found themselves timid, egoistic, unfriendly and shy. Now confident, empathetic, friendly and bold to present their thoughts before an august audience. In my opinion Oasis gives voice to voiceless, heart to heartless and meaning to life for whom life is meaningless.
I am deeply moved by the comments made by  Oasis central team members after their return. Spending three weeks in Kashmir provided them an opportunity to understand our culture. The layers of love and passion are deeply embedded in the blood of every Kashmiri. The reflection is based on truth without any prejudice or bias as they are themselves genuine and honest people. 
Oasis Movement successfully launched its programs in 2016 in J & K. I find myself fortunate enough to get the chance to participate in preliminary workshops. The L3 program facilitated by Sheeba Nair touched the hearts of every participant and had long lasting effects. From that time onwards, I decided to help the cause, which has the beauty of enriching mind and soul together. It is that true inspiration that made me committed to keep the torch of Oasis burning in this erstwhile state of Jammu and Kashmir.
It is through commitment that we have here a strong and dedicated group of academics always fostering the cause of Oasis. My aim is to work more ambitiously to spread the message of humanity, human dignity and peace across the world, but more so in India under the aegis of Oasis Movement.
M M Gulzar
Director (Oasis J & K) Srinagar, J & K
Our teachers grew as catalysts

The Extraordinary Festival was so important for all of us to know and exhibit the work done by those students who were dependent and remained away from the fact of knowing  their inner talents. In these camps enthusiasm, respect, dignity, honour,  decision making, group living, fellow feeling in students was so appreciating. 

The growth of teachers in our school was very unique. They became the catalysts for striving for continuous development and bringing out their potential to do something great in their lives and enabling them to become good human beings.
As a core member I will love to work through day and night for the betterment of all human beings so that our human resources will be prepared for Nation development.
~ Afifa Qureshi
Principal GHSS Amirakadal, Srinagar, J & K 
A festival of growth & change

The much awaited 21 days festival in Kashmir, I see it as an achievement in itself. As a core team member I realised we all are the same, we all want love, we all are waiting to be heard, we all want to help each other grow but somehow in the busy life we lose ourselves. It was an overwhelming experience to see teachers, principals and children going out of the way to learn from each other and help each other grow. It indeed was a festival of growth and change, change for betterment.

Aiman Geelani 
Regional Synergist J & K, Gandhinagar, Gujarat

We will strive to fulfil this collective dream

It was a wonderful occasion to see Oasis team in my district which is about 100 kms away from summer capital. For the first time students understood what education is in real sense, and enjoyed the healing touch of Oasis team.

Also students of far off schools got a chance to express themselves in the concluding event at SP School, Srinagar, thanks to Oasis. Everyone was impressed with the caring and stimulating learning environment provided by Oasis. 
Me and my team will make efforts to reach out to maximum number of schools to fulfill this collective dream.

~ Ashaq Hussain Paul
Principal BHSS Laderwan, Kupwara, J & K 
Students stressed need for more camps

This Festival was held with the commitment of core group of Kashmir and Oasis family. I am proud to be one of them. 

The students learnt a lot and enjoyed the camp after a gap of 3-4 years due to COVID. The reflections from students were very encouraging. They stressed for more camps to be organised. I faced many challenges and difficulties but learnt a lot from Oasis to overcome them.

I hope these Festivals be organised in near future for the betterment of students.

Dilbir Singh Sodhi
Teacher GHSS Kothibaugh, Srinagar, J & K 
Encouraged my spirits to pursue youth welfare

The presence of Oasis team & their modus operandi raised my spirits. The entire education fraternity of Kashmir came to know about our noble initiatives through Oasis, which are very important for the growth of our young buds. 
The Vice principal of BHSS Lar Ganderbal shared that his students who participated in 7 days Friendship camp for boys at Rajbagh, Srinagar, have turned into gold - it is the impact of such initiatives.
My commitment is to be part of the Oasis movement on a full time basis after my retirement in order to  spread love, peace, joy, and inspiration among the youth of my country. I pray to Almighty Allah to bless me for this.

~ M A Beigh
Principal BHSS Soura, Srinagar J & K
Oasis initiative is very valuable

I joined Oasis in 2017 & found Oasis, a different kettle of fish altogether. Being part of such a lofty organisation brought a complete paradigm shift apropos my mechanism of executing daily official tasks. 
Similarly it is mandatory to mention that the initiative undertaken by the Oasis is unequivocally constructive and valuable for society in general and student community in particular.

~ Manzoor Ahmad
Principal HSS Mujgund, Srinagar, J & K 
Life camp should be must for every child!

In Oasis Life camps, not only have many shy students been able to express themselves for the first time but it is wonderful and amazing to see some students giving vent to their inner self.
This camp has proved beneficial for the overall development of students. I really appreciate the whole management and Oasis expert team. I would recommend that these Life Camps should be a part of every student’s life.
We also had an opportunity to send our 22 girls to attend Friendship camp - a wonderful experience to be away from their homes for the first time. They were very jubilant and experienced a different world which would be a part of their memories for all times to come.
~ Nighat Parveen
Principal GHSS Soura, Srinagar, J & K
Made us believe in Oasis more

Oasis is an initiative to change the outlook of life and help students overcome their fears and weaknesses. Our school was fortunate enough for being included in the project MISAAL. As a reward 8 winners attended the Friendship camp. The organising committee had meticulously framed layout of camp in such a way that every student was involved in whatever his interest lay.
At the concluding ceremony all participants and teachers shared their valuable experiences & stories. Which made us believe more in OASIS.
We are expecting more such kinds of camps in the near future so that many other students get benefitted by this life changing experience. 

Nisar Ahmed Ahanger
Principal SP HSS, Srinagar, J & K 
Will continue Oasis post retirement

After a gap of 3 years Oasis Kashmir festival was organised with great enthusiasm.  I feel honoured to state that for the first time Life camp was organised in my school i.e HSS Sherabad Pattan.

The students learnt a lot and enjoyed the camp particularly the girl students. For the first time an orphan girl student shared her painful story which she never shared before. The whole credit goes to Oasis family. As HOI I always shared my experiences with my staff and invited them to be the part of Oasis family.
On 31st August 2022 I am retiring from the service but I wish to be the active member of Oasis family as retirement does not mean 'end of life'.

Pirzada Khurshid Ahmad
Principal DIET, Sopore, Baramulla, J & K
Inevitable humane education for nation building

Oasis camps ensure a valuable psychological and developmental change in students and they inculcate a humane approach towards life. Besides it moulds the young tender minds in the shape of a compassionate human and helps them in their diversified aims and aspirations of life.

Thus these camps are inevitable requirement for producing healthy human resources for the progress of a community in particular and also for the nation.

 ~ Romana Qazi
Principal MPML School Srinagar, J & K
Kashmir needs Torch Bearers- Jyotirdhars!

Kashmir Oasis festival in May 2022 was really marvelous as many families were directly connected to Oasis through their children.

The youngsters who remained in camps for 7 nights away from their parents for the first time was unbelievable keeping in view the Kashmir narrative. All the souls were really transformed during this period. 

Children are pliable, soft, open, vulnerable like mud ready for pottery. Therefore, my request is that,  Oasis 
programs need to be continued with the same lot till they become confident, strong with firm conviction the believe in themselves. Kashmir is in need of torch bearers - Jyotirdhars. 

Shabir Khan
DIET Head, Budgam, J & K 
Welcoming New Friends of Oasis Kashmir Core Team
Helps prepare nation-centric citizens

This was my first interaction cum working program with such a team and the way Oasis team sees this world can manifest brotherhood, harmony and much needed peace, and apparently the same things were passed onto our students in a short span of time.

The ideas, input, enthusiasm of the camp were most helpful and have assisted us in making valuable improvements to our students. I thank you for your contribution, time and efforts put forth in shaping the overall development of our students.

Abdul Gaffar Ahanger
Principal BHSS Sogam, J & K
Oasis is need of the hour for UT JK

Oasis gives an introduction to value based education. The whole system in Friendship camp is run, organised and participated by children through a parliamentary process. An environment of love and happiness builds their self esteem and confidence. 
As HoI, I was very impressed when I saw the change among the students, particularly among some who used to be rude in their behaviour and now, they are changed towards cent per cent positiveness.
This made me commit myself to conduct more and more life camps in my school and schools that come under my cluster head in future. Oasis team has the motive to reduce shyness, problems and expose the talent hidden within students with proper guidance and care. I hope that in future, they will continue these programs in each district, so that it can help the students to reduce their anxiety, depression and stress etc.
Being a responsible citizen, I pledge to cooperate Oasis team every time and everywhere. Since such programs are the need of the hour in our UT J&K.
Dr. G.M Puju
Principal HSS Shadipora,  Bandipora, J & K
Education dept. should follow Oasis roadmap

"Oasis" - an antidote to stress and therapy against negative thinking. Their camps organised across Kashmir have generated the real concept of ''life'' and "friendship" among students as well as faculty members.
They came back with tremendous experience, enthusiasm and commitment to live an honest, stress-free and joyful life in all circumstances. They have become an inspiration to our entire school for their positive attitudes and compassion. 
I wish the school education dept. in J&K UT follows the roadmap designed by Oasis in making our future generation skillful and successful in their life.

My gratitude to Oasis core team who worked whole heartedly to reach out to the hearts of our students to bring positive transformation in their behaviour, attitude and overall thought process.

Mohammad Shafi Wani
Administrator, Kupwara Public School, Kupwara, J & K
Helped students overcome depression

If we start surveying we can figure out a large number of students going through depression. They feel deflated. Whatever be the reason but they are suffering and have become victims of "depression ".

I acknowledge the role played by Oasis in developing confidence among students and helping them to overcome the difficult situation they are going through.
Oasis has made our students eager, wiser, readier to cope with challenges of life. There has been an overall improvement in teaching and learning process because of these versatile sessions. It was an honour to get connected with Oasis. I would love to learn and contribute for the betterment of our youths.

~Rafeeq Ahmad Mir
Principal BHSS Handwara, Kupwara J & K 
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