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Oasis Movement Touches
National Horizons...

Highlights of 2022
Jyotirdhar Partnerships
with Govt. Education Dept. 
Spirited, Strong & Smiling South
Since March 2022 ...
Planned & thoughtful effort went behind executing Oasis L3 Jyotirdhar courses with NSS officers of Govt. colleges who then became the team behind conducting Oasis Misaal competition for teens & youths across the state!
Tamil Nadu
Students' Festivals colour
Jammu Kashmir & Rajasthan!
"Hu Chhu Jyotirdhar"
at Gujarat
(1st) Workshops for MV Foundation (MVF), Telangana at Oasis Valleys
(2nd) Demo Life Camp for Youths (associated with MVF) at Bihar
Local workshops for NGO Members, Telangana
Cascading impact of Oasis Programs for Children by NGO Partners
16 Organizations ~ 91+ Facilitators ~ 50 Programs ~ 2082 Direct beneficiaries
...and counting
Tamil Nadu
Delhi NCR
Madhya Pradesh
75+ NGO Friendships Built Nationally
"A Transformative Movement"

By Anil Swarup IAS (Retd.)
Author; Founder Chairman, Nexus of Good;
Former Secretary School Education,  Govt. of India.
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Culminating in a celebration this January 26th-29th at...

Oasis Movement National Leadership Retreat
At Oasis Valleys
Sheeba & Preeti Nair, Trustees
represented Oasis Movement, India at

Summerhill Festival of Childhood
(celebrating 100 years of A.S. Neil's Summerhill School) &
International Democratic Education Conference 2022
In every community there is work to be done.
In every nation there are wounds to heal.
In every heart there is the power to do it.

~ Marianne Williamson
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Oasis Alive Team

Aatmaja Soni, Riya Shah

Jolly Madhra, Mehul Panchal, Sanjiv Shah, Sheeba Nair
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