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On This 20th March, 

.Continuing the Inspirational Journey of Womanhood...

In Dialogue With Reema Nanavaty...

Saamarthya Series of Online Guest Sessions...

Reema Nanavaty,  Director, Self-Employed Women's Association (SEWA ), leads economic and rural development activities reaching out to 17 million women and their families across India. 

She joined the rural wing of SEWA in 1984 and was elected as its General Secretary in 1999. Under her leadership, SEWA's membership grew to new heights, making SEWA the single largest union of informal sector workers in India. 

Reemaben is  recognized across India and in the neighboring  countries as a champion of making livelihoods of the poor women reach markets they deserve. 

She was born in
Ahmedabad, Gujarat, and graduated in Science from Gujarat University. Opting for a career of civil service, she passed the civil services examination (IAS). However, only after a year she quit the service to become a full time social worker. 
Glimpses of Achievements & Awards:  

She was honoured by the Government of India, in 2013, by bestowing on her the Padma Shri, the fourth highest civilian award, for her contributions to the field of social service.  
  • Leading rehabilitation program in Afghanistan and in Sri Lanka, providing vocational training in agro and rural livelihood security
  • Heads the ICT cell to connect information technological with the farm women.
  •  Replicating the Trade Facilitation Centre model in all the SAARC countries building social enterprises of Homebased women workers.  
  •  Initiated the food security program covering one million households through its rural distribution network, named RUDI.
  • Spearheading the Hariyali–Green Energy and Livelihoods Initiative to provide 2,00,000 mostly farm women access renewable energy tools of cookstoves and solar lights.
  • Collaboration with Food and Agriculture Organization of United Nations. 
  • Oversees 3200 self help groups (SHG), 110 co-operatives and 15 federations totaling 428,281 members, nationally including Kashmir, Assam, Meghalaya and Bihar.
TEDxGatewayWomen - Reema Nanavaty 
SEWA  - Interplay of Women, Work, and Peace 

In her talk, Reemaben talks about how she has facilitated thousands of women with the right tools to become the new-age entrepreneurs.

Click Here >>> to watch YouTube video Reema Nanavty on how she is empowering the Woman Entrepreneurship in SEWA
Oasis is happy to announce dialogues this year with women who are role models for current and future generations.

The purpose is f
or education of freedom & strength to girls and to inspire girls as community leaders.


Oasis heartily invites you to attend the 2nd powerful online talk event of Saamarthya series with Reema Nanavaty on 20th March 2021. 

Date: 20th March 2021, Saturday. 
Time: 4 to 6pm 
Venue: On Zoom (Click the below button on 20th from 4pm) 

(We request all to please connect on time to participate in the event.)
Click Here >>> for Zoom Link for Participating on 20th March 21' 4:00pm to 6:00pm

Un-conditioning and Re-affirming Beliefs

सामर्थ्य- Power of Girls

Education for Freedom and Strength to Girls

(Empowering Girls as Community Leaders)

Glimpses of Celebrating International Women's Day!  

Oasis engaged  1138 Beneficiaries though different awareness activities across 5-7 cities of Gujarat as part of IWD - 2021 celebrations on 7th March. 

At New Delhi, Oasis in partnership with Prajna organized a 3 day Saamarthya Life camp for around 27 girls hailing from low income background.

On the eve of International Women’s Day, Oasis has organized several programs across the state on behalf of its ‘Saamarthya Project’ for empowering girls. Various programs like talks, book reading sessions, skits and interviews were organized in small groups to maintain social distance. 

Message of Oasis to all Millennium Girls is that to be independent is not just their right, it’s their responsibility and Obligation too for the precious life we all have. Girls should be the Heroines of their lives, not the Victims. Stronger nation requires its women to be Powerful.  

It also appealed all women to stop being objects in the eyes of men, as women are human-beings, not objects to be decorated for consumption. Oasis believes that the prevailing concept of beauty needs to be challenged today. The eyes which can see Good in people are lively and lips which speak Kind words are beautiful.

Programs by Oasis also carried a question to all people whether their way of looking at women is healthy. For a healthy society,  it’s imperative that its women are Happy and Free to make their own choices in life. 
Spark News Vadodara - Women's Day Celebration by MHE (Misaal Honourship Explorer) on taking the right & bold choices in life. 
Click Here >>> To know more about the Saamrthya project 
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