Oasis Movement

Head Office

Oasis Movement
“Friendship Home”,
201, Shalin Apartment,
52, Haribhakti Colony,
Gujarat, India

Institute Campus

Oasis Valleys
Juna Mandva Road,
At & Po. Chanod – Pin. 391105
Tal. Dabhoi
Dist. Vadodara
Gujarat, India.

Let us know what you have in mind, and we’ll get back to you .

Email ids for various activities of Oasis Movement

For more information about activities of Oasis Movement

Email: info@oasismovement.in

For Oasis Workshops in India and USA

Email: info@oasismovement.in

For buying Oasis Publications

Email: publications@oasismovement.in

For more information about Oaisi Trust and Oasis Valleys

Email: info@oasismovement.in

For CSR Donation to Oasis Trust and Oasis Valleys

Email: info@oasismovement.in

For Youth Activities and Youth Camps

Email: projects@oasismovement.in

For Misaal & Misaal Honourship Explorer (MHE) Programs

Email: misaal@oasismovement.in , misaal.admin@oasismovement.in

For ASHA Health Initiative

Email: projects@oasismovement.in

For contacting Editor of Oasis Newsletter ‘...Alive’

Email: alive-newsletter@oasismovement.in

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