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After the formation of OASIS Trust, an immediate need was felt to update and communicate about Trust activities to all the stakeholders including Donors, Sponsors, Members, Beneficiaries, Well-wishers and Society in general. It was important to have a channel of communication serving the dual purpose of updating about the work done, and spreading powerful and inspiring thoughts. Following the intent, ‘Let us keep the process of Living, Loving & Learning Alive’, simply known as ‘Alive’, came into existence in 1994.


During the initial years, Founder Sanjiv Shah nurtured ‘Alive’, with his thought-provoking, bold and courageous stand against afflicting national issues. ‘Alive’ flourished, created anticipation and encouraged responses in its readers. With time, ‘Alive’ kept on evolving. In 2007, it became digital, and since then, average 20-30 issues are published each year. Today, ‘Alive’ stands for Transparency, Truthfulness, Honesty, Reformative Bold Stands and Creative Journalism.

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For learning,
one must be willing to pay the price.

~ John Wooden

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Aatmaja Soni

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Nothing can be taught.
We can only learn.
Even a strong can not help
the weak without willingness.

~ John Wooden

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