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OASIS Valleys

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OASIS Valleys
OASIS Valleys
OASIS Valleys
OASIS Valleys
OASIS Valleys
OASIS Valleys
OASIS Valleys
OASIS Valleys

Oasis Valleys: Powerful Centre for Man-making

Since early years of Oasis, we envisioned a place which is not merely an institution, a building or even a place for organizing our programs; but a place that emanates some very strong and useful messages for society. Thoughts that make human life more passionate, full of love, happier, more meaningful; something that contributes in the society’s evolution in a major way.

In December 2002, 9 acres of ravine, almost waste-land, was purchased at village Mandva, on the banks of river Narmada, near
Chandod, dist. Vadodara (Gujarat, India). We immediately started
Organic Farming. During 2004-05, a grand campus was conceptualized and development began. Construction of Institution building was done in two phases and the complete Institute was inaugurated in

Today, ‘Oasis Valleys’ is a nerve-centre of Oasis Movement and perhaps Asia’s first Institution of its kind for Character-building
and Scientific Human Development Courses. Residing in the midst of a beautiful and lush green campus, it is a model institution, where ideals for the best of life are practiced, be it Construction, Utilization of Natural Resources & Energy, Agriculture or simply living there.

Why we created Oasis Valleys

  • To create a unique multi-sector model for a better society
    through entrepreneurship in social development.
  • To create a live emblem of utilization of natural resources –
    be it soil, water, sun, wind… and the first and the most important
    amongst all – HUMANS!
  • To create a place for scientific transformation of people into
    responsible citizens, who willingly contribute collectively for
    social/national development.
  • To facilitate the process of Learning and Teaching/Sharing
    the concepts of Self-Leadership for development of
    different communities of the society (urban as well as rural)
    at a larger scale.
  • To create a centre for self-rejuvenation (physical as well as

Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together
is a progress. Working together is a success.

~ Henry Ford

Oasis Valleys Institute Creation: Central Team

Parag Shah

Overall Project Vision, Leader
(Project & Team)

Ar Snehal Shah

Design Head &
Architect In Charge

Sheeba Nair

Project Facilitator
(Policies, Team, People & Resources)

Siddharth Mehta

Project Leader
Resource Generation

Alkesh Raval

Project Coordinator
(Execution & Nodal work)

Preeti Nair

Chief Coordinator
Finance & Legal

Sanjiv Shah

Team Guide
(Values & Systems)

Project Consultants & Support Team

Hemant Shukla Chief Structure Designer
Mahadevbhai Desai Consultant – Structure
Surendra Shah Consultant – HVAC
Shashi Shah Consultant – Engineering & Campus Development
Mehul Panchal Landscape Development
Binit Shah Accounts & Audit
Ketan Mehta Project Execution


Ar Apurva Rana Architect In Charge
Ar Nainita Rana Consulting Architect, Design Team
Ar Saloni Shah Consulting Architect, Design Team


Pinal Shah Coordinator (Surat)
Dr Divya Sachdeva Coordinator (Surat)
Pravin Shah Coordinator (Surat)
Dr Neha Vakharia Coordinator(Gujarat)
Dr Maya Soni Coordinator (Ahmedbad)

Project Execution

Sanjay Ruparelia Project Contractor


Vijay Dalal Coordinator (USA)
Rajni Reshamwala Coordinator (Mumbai)
Dhiru Mehta Coordinator (Mumbai)
Hiral Patel Coordinator (Vadodara)
Yogesh Patel Coordinator (Surat)
Dr Ami Desai Central Co-ordination

Project Execution

Yogesh Patel Project Co-ordination & Resource Management
Viral Patel Project Management & Execution
Kartik Katrodiya Project Contractor
Dr Pallavi Raulji On-site Support


IIID | West Zone | Winner | Institution & Public Building

HUDCO Design Award 2018 | Runners-up | Green Building

The Institute

Characteristics of Institute Building

  • Expose brick-masonry & RCC
  • Double wall thermal insulation from outer atmosphere
  • Material palette closest to nature
  • Minimal waste production with 100% water recycling
  • Surrounded by abundance of nature
  • 5 storied building, with total construction of app. 32000 sq.ft.
  • 2 Halls with capacity to hold 100 children or 70 adults, each
  • 2 Dormitories for boarding 60 children or adults, each
  • 11 Residential Rooms for boarding 30 adults
  • A big Dinning-cum-gathering hall for 300 people
  • A Kitchen for 250+ people
  • Offices, Library, Stores, Lounges, Multipurpose Basement

The law of harvest is to reap more than you sow.
Sow an act, and you reap a habit. Sow a habit
and you reap a character.
Sow a character and you reap a destiny.

~ By Ralph Waldo Emerson

The Campus

9 acres ravine-contour land, valley depth average 45ft. (2 acres plateau, 7 acres slopes & valleys)

Planned Forest: 3000+ Trees, 100 species of Fruits, Jungle & Herbal Trees. A habitat of some 30+ species of birds, 20+ species of animals and many wild herbs.

1.5 acres of valley-basins are used for growing 10-12 vegetables & spices completely organic way.

Paved Pathways of app. 2500 mts length, reaching all the major parts of campus.

An Amphitheatre that can hold audience of 200 people.

A Pond with capacity of appox. 8 Lac Lts of water.

During our continuous search for better life, we came across a book by Leo Tolstoy (famous Russian philosopher & writer) – ‘What then
must we do?’. It is a conscience disturbing book based on concept of
Bread Labour. It moved us deeply and we decided to take on Bread
Labour with Agriculture as one them. We learned that Organic
Farming is the best practice and long term solution to poverty of
farmers and climate change-global warming.

Organic Farming does not involve usage of chemicals in the form of
fertilizers and pesticides. It is farming done with the help of
organisms living on and under the earth, the whole eco-system.
Organic Farming means appropriately helping mother earth to
grow most delicious fruits, vegetables, grains etc. It’s a synergy with
the whole life system. It also means loving yourself and loving life.

To serve is beautiful, but only if it is done with joy and a whole heart and a free mind.

~ Pearl S. Buck

The Toarch Bearer

All who have visited Oasis Valley know Mehul Panchal. A seeming calm looking guy has gone through an ocean of
emotions and has crossed mountains of struggles within his
heart, unknown even to his near and dear ones. He is a walking
demonstration of how one can sculpt one’s life given some
encouragement and support.

Mehul is an Electronics Engineer by qualification. He joined
Oasis when he was still doing his graduation. Inspired by the
environment of friendship, he soon got involved in various
activities and projects undertaken by Oasis. Regular self-development sessions, camps, outings, social events, etc., brought
out his self-confidence and creative side. By the time he
completed his graduation, he started his career as an engineer.
Very soon he got involved in the processes of becoming a social
welfare entrepreneur at Oasis.

Mehul Panchal

Our Model of Organic Farming

Organic Farming Team

AGRICULTURE: 1.5 acres

  • 12-15 selected varieties of seasonal vegetables and fruits

HORTICULTURE: Forest & Fruit Trees – Total 3050+

  • 2150 forest trees, maily Bamboo, Neem, Silk Cotton, Bombex,
    Gulmohar, Peltophorum, Cassia, Rain tree, Spanish Cherry, etc., and
    Medicinal & herbal trees like Harde, Baheda, Indian Gooseberry
    (Amla), Bijora, Beal, Moringa etc.
  • 900 fruit trees, mainly Custard Apple, Guava, Indian Gooseberry,
    Lime, Sweet-lime, Mango, Sapota, Pomegranate, Cashew-nuts,
    Mulberry, Phalsa, etc.


  • No alteration of contours, slopes. All kept as it is.
  • Check-dams to prevent the damage from run-away rain water.
  • Local variety of Bamboo to save the soil from erosion.
  • Not to disturb the original habitat of creatures like wild heir,
    porcupines, snakes, rats, monitor lizards etc.

Organic Farming Movement

  • Propagation of Organic Farming in surrounding villages
  • Education workshop on sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development
  • Farmers Education
  • Eco Education tour

Growth is the only evidence of life.

~ John Henry Newman

Oasis Movement