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Oasis Trust

The youth of a nation are the trustees of posterity.

~ Benjamin Disraeli

The youth of a nation are the trustees of posterity.

~ Benjamin Disraeli

Oasis A Selfless International Society (OASIS)
is not merely a formal Trust
or a legal entity; rather it’s a lively, dynamic process of character
building, having the cause of regeneration of Mother India at its core.

Highlights of Oasis Trust

 Education at the Core & Trusteeship

The objectives of Oasis Trust are development- oriented. Education & Awareness are at the centre of all its programs. These are again, not activity-oriented, but transformation-oriented. Trusteeship is a fundamental and intensive educational process of becoming a better, responsible and trustworthy human first.

Selflessness & Complete Dedication

One of the essential policies for being a trustee of
Oasis Trust is full-time commitment and 100% selfless dedication to fulfilling its objectives. Oasis
never appoints trustees on the basis of donations or social positions, neither encourages
any personal agenda. Trusteeship is not a privilege but an opportunity to serve with complete
responsibility and a deep sense of giving.

Spirit of Voluntarism & Giving

 “You make a living by what you get. But, you make a life by what you give.”
The success of any social work is defined by its volunteers coming from diverse walks of society. Oasis Trust was created on the foundation of voluntarism and selfless giving. This spirit of giving is reflected in all the aspects of Oasis Trust, right from running the office to facilitating Oasis camps to designing multi-storied institute building or resources raising resources.

 Secularism & Inclusiveness

Oasis Trust promotes secularism and can undertake any or all activities of service to humanity at large without any discrimination of caste, creed, gender, socio-economic background, religion, sect or nationality.

  Consensus & Decision Making

All decisions are taken unanimously and by consensus.
For decision making, trustees generally follow the principle –
‘In crucial things, Unity;
in important things, Diversity;
in all things, Generosity’.
Thus they operate as a community and adhere to the educational pillars of the organization, i.e. Love, Life and Friendship and in the process learn to be independent human-beings, yet one in spirit.

  Spirit of Fraternity

Oasis Trust has provisions to support ANY activity for the well being of
the society at large and shares the spirit of fraternity for like-hearted organizations and

 Principle Centeredness & Adherence to Values

Not just abiding by laws, Oasis Trust promotes a culture of following principles & values morally and ethically – be it transparency in accounts, zero tolerance to corruption, effective utilization of funds, etc. Trust upholds the value of remaining accountable down to the single rupee, never rounding off anything. Trust accounts are open to scrutiny by the stakeholders at any given moment.

Promotes Women Leadership

Right from the inception, Oasis Trust has a natural inclination and has always promoted women/girls at all its leadership positions; be it Trust board, executive committee or heading the projects, which is evident in all its progress throughout.

Focus on Empowerment & Succession

Since the beginning, Oasis Trust has created a culture of preparing the next line of leadership well in advance by empowering youths continuously. This is evident in a major, revolutionary decision in 2020 for a complete handover to the fresh young team; possibly, a first in the history of Indian Public Trusts.

Values for Corpus Building

 “Any public organization which does not get regular financial support from people does not have any right to exist. The fund it gets every year is the reflection of the love and support it receives from the society and all organizations must put themselves on this test.”- Mahatma Gandhi. Oasis strongly believes in the above Gandhian philosophy. And so, for the first 25 years, it successfully operated without any corpus. In 2017, the decision to form a small corpus was taken for the survival operational needs of the institute, Oasis Valleys.


Tenure Managing Trustee
1993-1996 Sanjiv Shah
1996-1999 Dolly Shah
1999-2010 Sheeba Nair
2011-2014 Mehul Panchal
2014-Present Preeti Nair


TenureTrustee Secretary
1993-1996Kalpana Vyas
1996-1999Preeti Nair
1999-2010Dr Neha Vakharia
2011-2014Dr Neha Vakharia
2014-2016Dr Neha Vakharia
2016-PresentBinit Shah

Other Trustees

Aatmaja Soni, Avadhi Shah, Dinkal Gayakwad, Shailesh Agrawal, Sheeba Nair 


Alkesh Raval, Dr Ami Desai, Ami Nanavati, Amit Shah, Ashwin Patel, Ashwina Vaidya, Bhargav Buch, Bhavin Popat, Bhrugudatt Shukla, Chaitali Mehta, Darshan Parghi, Divyang Vasavada, Dolly Shah, Hiral Patel, Jolly Shah, Kalpana Vyas, Kalidas Gokani, Keyur Gala, Kshama Kataria, Laxmi Nizama, Maitreyi Diwanji, Dr Maya Soni, Mehul Panchal, Mihir Buch, Dr Neha Vakharia, Dr Pallavi Raulji,  Samir Anadakat, Sanjiv Shah, Sejal Patel, Dr Sejal Shah, Sonal Patel, Vaishali Desai

Legal Details of the Oasis Trust

  • Oasis – A Selfless International Society (OASIS) is registered as a Public Charitable Trust
    under the Bombay Public Trust Act, 1950, on December 2, 1993 at Vadodara, Gujarat, India.
    Registration Number is E – 4706/ BRD.
  • Income Tax Exemption can be availed under 80G section.
  • OASIS is having 12 (A) certificate of the Income – Tax Act 1961.
  • Contribution to OASIS is eligible under CSR as per clause 135 of Companies Act, 2013.
  • Permanent Account Number (PAN) is AAATO0261B.
  • In order to facilitate contributions from outside India, OASIS is registered under
    Foreign Contribution Regulation Act (FCRA). FCRA Registration Number is 041960144.
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