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About Oasis Movement (General)

In 1989, a group of 10-12 enthusiastic youths started informal weekly gatherings on self development under the leadership of a young, life-aspiring engineer, Sanjiv Shah. Within a short span of 2 years, this Self Development Circle(as it was known earlier) evolved to around 250-300 youth participants. In 1992, to facilitate the growing need of structure, they formally set up an organisation and fondly named it ‘Oasis-a university of Love, Life & Friendship for youth’.

No. It is not religious or political. Oasis undertakes all activities of service to humanity at large without any discrimination of caste, creed, gender, socio-economic background, religion, sect or nationality.

Oasis Movement works with children, youth, teachers, parents, educational institutions, like-hearted organisations – with every sector involving human engagement.

One of the major long term goals of Oasis Movement is to influence our present Education System and integrate Character Building as a fundamental aspect of education.

Oasis vision is not limited to being an organisation or hierarchical power structure; it has always remained in a movement-mode. Its ultimate objective is to ensure self-education as an integral part of society, a learning community with no boundaries of regions, people, etc, down to the last person. So that, it and empowers Decentralized processes like mass awareness & social campaigns for the propagation of its thoughts.

Through Program Feedback processes, Regular Program Impact monitoring and Reviews by Project Facilitators and Executive Core Team. This also includes different indicators as Beneficiary Transformation journey, Long Term Growth curve and contribution through Community Leadership.

About Donation to Oasis Movement

Yes. ‘Oasis – A Selfless International Society’ is a Public Charitable Trust, registered under the Bombay Public Trust Act, 1950, on December 2, 1993.

Donations and Sponsorships from –
  1.   Individuals
  2.   Professional Organizations (Industries/Business firms etc.)
  3.   Corporates
  4.   Trusts and Foundations

Around 85-90% fund is spent directly for programs and beneficiaries. 10%-15% is spent for administrative expenses.

1. Amount above Rs.5000/- (Rs. Five Thousand) by Cheque/DD favouring ‘Oasis – A Selfless International Society’.
2. Amount below Rs.5000/- by cash or cheque as above.

Yes. Oasis is registered under FCRA and accepts Foreign Funds. For further details, please write info@oasismovement.in

Sorry, as of now, Oasis does not accept online donations. Please contact us directly if you wish to contribute. We shall be happy to assist you with the safest process.

There is 50% tax exemption under the 80G section of Income Tax Act, 1961. Tax exemption is valid only in India.

Yes. Donation Receipt and Income Tax Exemption Certificate is dispatched within 1 week of receipt of the donation.

We respect your privacy. Please be assured, details of donors are rendered ONLY on Need-to-know basis. However, Oasis does not accept any anonymous contribution.

PAN details for all Indian citizens is mandatory as per Income Tax Department regulations. Besides, for transparency and identification of donors it is an  Oasis Policy to quote PAN even if one does not avail tax exemption.

No. Tax exemption is applicable only to Indian citizens.

Please do contact us directly on info@oasismovement.in for complete details of our Project Proposals.

Yes, Oasis does accept sponsorship/donation in kind based on project related specific needs.

About Volunteering in Oasis Movement

Volunteering options are –
1. Skill based volunteering
2. Project internships
3. Active citizenship
4. Virtual volunteering
Please click here to fill up volunteer application form. We will revert to you.

The most important eligibility criteria for volunteering is having a deep aspiration and selfless heart to give.
Based on our projects/programs we have different eligibility criteria. Visit our volunteer page and submit your resume. We will get back to you with suitable volunteering option(s).

Oasis Movement allows short-term internships on honorary basis. These internships offer opportunity to work on a specific project or program. You can find available internship opportunities on our volunteer page. Please submit your resume in that case to info@oasismovement.in

No, we do not give certificate. Volunteering at Oasis is unconditional.

Please visit the contact us section of our website or Oasis Movement Mobile App and write to us for more information on the possible ways of your engagement with our projects. We will be glad to connect with you.

Please visit the contact us section on our website and write to us about your interest areas. Our respective regional/project coordinator will connect with you and help you to decide suitable various volunteering options.

About Participating in Oasis Programs

Oasis Movement centers on Community Development through Self Leadership. Hence, most of the projects undertaken by Oasis focus on inspiring personal transformation in people. It encourages participants to own up social missions and thus, contribute to bringing about long-term changes in society at large. For specific benefits of each program, please click on the respective program on our home page.

Oasis Movement offers different programs for children/youths/ teachers/parents/professionals. Kindly visit our home page for more details. You may select any program based on age, profession, interest, needs. If you require any help from us, please visit the contact us section on our website and write to us.

Irrespective of age/profession/life role the most important eligibility criteria to join any Oasis Programs is to have a deep desire to learn living meaningfully, happily and passionately. We have various programs for different groups (Teens/Youth/Teachers/ Parents). If you need any specific help from us, please go to contact us section on our website and write to us your specific query.

Please click Participate. Choose appropriate program and submit duly filled form to register yourself.
Please visit Oasis Calendar. Click here for all our upcoming programs/events.
Being an organisation promoting voluntary self education as opposed to the conventional educational programs, as a policy, Oasis does not provide any certificate to participants at the end of its program, and strictly discourages the same. Participants attend on their own volition with the sole purpose of learning Education of Life.

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About Partnership with Oasis

You are most welcome. Oasis does various partnership projects with Non Governmental and Governmental Organisation, Educational Institutes, Corporate, etc. Kindly write to us at info@oasismovement.in. We will be happy to revert.

For Oasis, partnerships are mutually empowering relationships. We strive to incorporate following principles in all our partnerships –
– Shared Vision and Values
– Complementing Purposes
– Transparency and Defined Accountability

About Oasis Publications

Oasis publications are primarily on Self Development. Some of the themes are – Parenting, Education, Marriage, Love, Life, Spirituality, Relationship, Thinking, Principles of Life, Health, Success and many such topics.

Primarily, Oasis Publications are in Gujarati language. Some of them are translated and published in English, Hindi, Marathi, Kannada, Bengali languages also.

Anybody above 13 years and having interest in Self Development can be benefitted from Oasis publications.

Yes. Oasis Publications are available on Amazon for online sales.

Please mail us at publications@oasismovement.in for bulk orders. We do have a standard discount policy and occasionally we introduce different schemes to promote our books. Drop us an email, we will serve you with all required information.

Any Other Questions

If you still have unanswered questions, write to us at info@oasismovement.in.
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