Oasis Movement

When you look
for the good in others,
you discover
the best in yourself.

~ Martin Walsh

What we do for ORGANISATIONS


Any good organisation is basically a cluster of responsible people and synergy of their relationships. Add to this, people’s abilities about how to make things happen and that sums up the secrets of a Happy Organisation.
However, having responsible people is a tall order. People of character are not easily available for recruitment and an organization is practically run by using human resources that are best available and affordable. Technical programs and training go on with a hope that this would improve productivity, for many CEOs are themselves unaware of the secret – character matters the most.

Oasis offers initiatives in the area of personal
growth and education of Heart in organisations
through its Partnership for Positive Change (P4PC)
project. The objective is to aid responsible and
value-based culture building in organisations.


Oasis offers an educational course that can lead participants towards higher sense of responsibility, can encourage them to be better human-beings and better citizens.
It has designed and customised various processes to suit the needs of an organisation.
This unique program aims to facilitate transformation in people as life-long learners and inspire them to live their lives more meaningfully. It includes important and basic principles in the area of personal and professional success, relationships and human conflicts’ resolution. An example is- ‘We believe that we’ll be happy if we are successful; but the secret is, we’ll be successful if we are first happy.’

Excel Group of Companies Mumbai
Mindtree Ltd Bengaluru, USA, Europe
National Thermal Power Corporation Surat, Bharuch, MP
eInfochips Pvt Ltd Ahmedabad
Agrocel Industries Pvt Ltd Kachchh
K Girdharlal International Ltd Surat
Shairu Gems Diamonds Pvt Ltd Surat
Ankit Gems Pvt Ltd Surat
Shahajanand Technologies Pvt Ltd Surat
Nakoda Textile Industries Ltd Surat
JMC Group of Companies Ahmedabad
Design Studio, Zydus Cadila Ahmedabad
JBS group of Companies Ahmedabad
Encore Natural Polymers Pvt Ltd Ahmedabad
Electrotherm Ltd Ahmedabad
National Dairy Development Board Anand
Devrekha Industries Surat
Esquire Machines Pvt Ltd Vadodara
Himalaya Machineries Pvt Ltd Vadodara
Essteam Design Services Surat
GMDC Ltd, Ahmedabad
Doshion Water Solution Pvt Ltd, Ahmedabad
High Glow Jewellers, Los Angeles, USA

Govt of Andhra Pradesh Hyderabad
Gujarat Energy Training & Research Institute Vadodara
Surat Municipal Corporation Schools Surat
Collectorate Vadodara
GCERT, Gujarat

Lokbharti Sanosara, Bhavnagar
Fountainhead School Surat
Centre for Lifelong Learning & Extension, M S University Vadodara
Gram Nirman Kelavani Mandal Thava, Bharuch
City Academy for Special Education Therapy Dept (CASE) Mumbai
Vatsalyadham Kukeri, Navsari

Aga Khan Rural Support Program (India) Ahmedabad
Dr K R Shroff Foundation Ahmedabad
Vesta Inc Washington DC, USA
Saathi Mumbai
Navsarjan Trust Surat
Charlie Universe Help Trust, Surat
Vatsalyadham Orphanage, MECT, Kukeri, Navsari

Straight from the heart

Reflections from the young participants and facilitators

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"It is a very unique and different workshop. The workshop was more about Self Leadership, discovering oneself. I have understood the 'purpose of life' with much more clarity. Everyone at MindTree (and their family members) need to go through this workshop."

~ S Janakiraman (Participant)
Bengaluru / Group President, Mindtree
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"The two days opened up a lot of emotions. To handle and course through them to a wonderful platform of awareness, acceptance and change where required were very well guided. To face paradigms, change and positively move towards vision, mission, with very good stories aptly attached are the definite take aways."

~ Preeti Shroff (Participant)
India / Director, Agrocel Industries Pvt Ltd
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“Refreshingly different from typical corporate learning programs. This focused on the individual & the human being rather than trying to force fit corporate context. Exercises were thought provoking and touched the core.”

~ Tridip Saha (Participant)
UK / GMR Head, Mindtree
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"Attending this workshop at Oasis Valleys is a totally different and much better experience. The workshop is more effective as a residential program. The objective of the workshop was to let the team experience and benefit from exposure and bond with rest of the team in the process. It was good to see the team participate actively.”

~ R Hariharan (Participant)
Mumbai / CEO, Agri Service Division, Excel Ind
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“This workshop helps individuals & group, bosses and subordinates a like to understand dynamics of opinions, decision making priorities and essence of being a better person in professional and private lives. One of good things is that participation is voluntary but more one participates, more one learns.”

~ Vivek Pawnarkar (Participant)
Cologne / Program Director - IT Services, Mindtree
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"The workshop helped me to understand myself, set goals for my life in a conscious and scientific way and helped me to view the world in a positive way. The world now seems to be very beautiful."

~ Jayanta Sarkar (Participant)
Kanpur / AE (MD), NDDB
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"A workshop that can touch different level of hearts & character. This workshop scaled to such heights where it gave me food for thoughts, some very difficult questions to be answered and a perspective for meaningfulness about life."

~ Ashish Tewari (Participant)
UK / Regional Director, Mindtree
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"First program of its kind, which teaches true human values of life & brings out inner self of each person."

~ Manish Dave (Participant)
Ahmedabad / Sr Manager (QA & QC), JMC Projects (I) Ltd
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"Every organization should allow time for such workshops. It’s vital that in the era of instant gratification and IT facts and trends, every organization should allow time for such workshops and follow-ups later. Act of self–realization doesn’t come easily. Thanks. Workshop could make a great connection with past, present and how you want future to be. This was a perfect example for being given a chance to control one’s destiny and influence others."

~ Ajithkumar Pillai (Participant)
Sweden / Principal Consultant, Mindtree
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“Lots of very interesting topics were balanced between theory and good practical examples in real life. Actual topics very much applicable to my job and my life. Good interaction within the team which created a very relaxing atmosphere. Great learnings and take aways.”

~ Giorgio Ferraro (Participant)
Belgium / Program Director, Mindtree
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"No self help books would have done what this had achieved. The workshop provides the platform to lead an effective and purpose driven life. I feel there is lot of work to be done and the urgency towards it. Provides a holistic and complete view of life and helped identify who and what matters the most in life. The framework is simple."

~ Parthasarathy Anandaraj (Participant)
US / Principal Consultant, Mindtree
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"The workshop painfully made it clear that a personal mission statement is not an option but a must have, however difficult it is to produce.”

~ Stephane Fouriau (Participant)
Belgium / Principal Consultant, Mindtree
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“This was a very unique experience that I haven’t had in other trainings. The ideas presented were not new but the way they were taught were extremely interesting and thought provoking.”

~ Elizabeth Chase (Participant)
US / Program Director, Mindtree
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"I found the workshop to be a life changing. I have been on a journey of self discovery and this workshop truly gave me the framework to think, act and change. Thank you so much for helping me with simple tools which I promise will make an impact in my life!"

~ Anup Mehta (Participant)
US / Vice President, Mindtree
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"In this workshop analysing one’s life and going over the most painful concerns brought in a lot of introspection within myself. The group session with all the staff members supporting each other in discussing various strategies and solutions brought all of us together. As a director of the academics I could see that each one of my participants was affected and definitely will see a change in each one of them. I am looking forward to the next session eagerly and hope to get more out of love and sacrifice.”

~ Priya Deshpande (Participant)
Mumbai / Director / CASE
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"What a wonderful journey this has been! I am so grateful for having the opportunity to work on my own development as well as the development of those around me. You have given and shared so many gifts that will forever be a part of me and who I am. I have been so inspired. Each day of my existence I promise myself to learn, and teach and continue to give in my personal and professional life."

~ Ruth Green (Participant)
Washington DC , US / COO / Vesta Inc
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"The greatest gift that I can give you is to tell you that you have affected me."

~ Meghan Kohler (Participant)
Washington DC, USA
Oasis Movement