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વિમલ સંજીવની ઝરમર

Vimal Sanjeevani Zarmar
Author:   Sanjiv Shah

Vimal Prasad … “Vimal Sanjivani Zarmar” (Grateful Tribute to Vimala Thakar) Publication: Oasis Publication Vadodara. Pages: 120 Price: Rs. 120 / – Leading to a new character building The inexhaustible treasure of life is hidden in the books of Aces Publications. It is no exaggeration to say that the full influence on Sanjaybhai’s life education, whose many inspiring drips of “Didi” made me also need life education, as well as the most special thing that flies and touches and touches the heart, is the maximum in Sanjaybhai’s ‘renewed character building’. The contribution is from Didima and the author openly mentions his own weakness while meeting Didima …

Dimension : 20 x 16 cm

Length:   120 pages


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