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70% of Indian Population lack proper knowledge & training in Health & Hygiene during their formative years. And it is known that the habits we develop during childhood and adolescence have a profound impact on our lives throughout. Therefore, it is important to impart good habits while the kids are growing, and train them to teach the same to others as well. It is the vision of a healthy child to a healthy Nation that gave birth to ASHA (Adolescent Student’s Health Alternative) Project.


At Oasis, we have recently launched a 21-Days residential Health Rejuvenation retreat to facilitate a healthy, happy and active life. This is an Empowerment program and not a Treatment program. What we share is our expertise in nutrition-based lifestyle alternatives – VEGAN and RAW Diet which will create an impact on major lifestyle-related diseases. Apart from this, we offer holistic Disease Reversal Education, Detoxification process, Yogasana/Exercises, Meditations, Stress Management Techniques and Cooking Classes.

Impact Overview

ASHA Health Teachers

Impact Overview

ASHA Health Teachers

The Body is
the image of Mind.

~ James Allen


OASIS ASHA leads the way in addressing

Child Sexual Abuse

Reached to 10000 children (1st to 5th grade) and trained 550 trainers…

There are over 400 million children in India making up for over a third of the country’s population.

The government hopes to address them through its millennium development goals. But the problem is, the information module is devoid of the less talked about evils such as child sexual abuse (CSA). According to a recent survey conducted by Ministry of Women and Child Development in association with the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and a few NGOs working for child’s rights, 53% of children in India face sexual abuse and in 50% of those cases, the abusers were either known to the child and within their family or school or neighborhood.

The Toarch Bearer

Dr. Neha Vakharia • ‘Mahila Manch 2007’ Award for outstanding social contribution. Felicitated during their Golden Jubilee Celebration by Bhagini Samaj Charitable Trust, Bangalore. • The Nav Ratan Award for exceptional contribution towards health and hygiene for the underprivileged.

Dr. Neha Vakharia is an M.B.B.S. doctor. She had joined Oasis when she was a student and she feels Oasis added important values of humanity and selfless services in her training as a doctor. She underwent serious illnesses while in college, and endured tremendous stress. She thanks Oasis for helping her in taking the illness positively and making her understand the limitations of allopathic medicines and the importance of alternative medicines.

Dr. Neha Vakharia


Neeta Sanghvi (Bengaluru) •  Sumathi Suresh (Bengaluru)  •  Mrudulaben Sanghvi (Bengaluru)
Veena Toshniwal (Bengaluru)  •  Kirana Tugave (Bengaluru)  •  Savithri (Bengaluru) 
•  Meena M. C. (Bengaluru)   Bhagyashree Mhamane (Bengaluru)   Lavanya Pakala (Delhi)