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After the formation of OASIS Trust, an immediate need was felt to update and communicate about Trust activities to all the stakeholders including Donors, Sponsors, Members, Beneficiaries, Well-wishers and Society in general. It was important to have a channel of communication serving the dual purpose of updating about the work done, and spreading powerful and inspiring thoughts. Following the intent, ‘Let us keep the process of Living, Loving & Learning Alive’, simply known as ‘Alive’, came into existence in 1994.


During the initial years, Founder Sanjiv Shah nurtured ‘Alive’, with his thought-provoking, bold and courageous stand against afflicting national issues. ‘Alive’ flourished, created anticipation and encouraged responses in its readers. With time, ‘Alive’ kept on evolving. In 2007, it became digital, and since then, average 20-30 issues are published each year. Today, ‘Alive’ stands for Transparency, Truthfulness, Honesty, Reformative Bold Stands and Creative Journalism.

Impact Overview

6950 +

Impact Overview

6950 +

For learning,
one must be willing to pay the price.

~ John Wooden

Editorial Team

Atmaja soni

Aatmaja Soni

Avadhi Shah

Jay Thakkar

Get inspiring stories about our mission, stay up-to-date on the latest activities, and find out ways you can join the movement for EDUCATING THE HEART!

1 Dec Oasis Project Misaal : Misaal winners (2018) Enthusiastically Started their Second Year of L3 – Learning to Love Workshop
21 Nov Oasis Movement June to September 2019, at Glance
9 Nov Oasis Misaal Project 2019 : Oasis Has Identified 500+ Torchbearers
16 Oct Oasis Sunday Self-development Sessions: providing Environment where Children feel Loved, Listened to & Affirmed
14 Sep Oasis Leadership Trekking Camp for Misaal Winners at Himalaya! – Part 4
13 Sep Oasis Leadership Trekking Camp for Misaal Winners at Himalaya! – Part 3
12 Sep Oasis Leadership Trekking Camp for Misaal Winners at Himalaya! – Part 2
11 Sep Oasis Leadership Trekking Camp for Misaal Winners at Himalaya! – Part 1
14 Aug Fist of Nature’s Fury at Oasis Valleys! – A Report
26 July Ongoing Oasis Children’s Freedom Movement – An Overview
5 July First Young Leaders Group Successfully Complete Oasis L3 Course
26 June Special Leadership Dream India Camp – a brief report
28 May Oasis Retreats: Introspection, Rejuvenation & Learning!
4 May EDUCATION SYSTEM – Review of present system
23 Apr Celebrating the Remarkable Journey of Oasis Publications on World Book Day : ઓએસિસ પ્રકાશન: ૧૦૧ નોટ આઉટ!
22 Mar Oasis Movement January – February 2019, at Glance
15 Mar DREAM – You Have to Dream Before Your Dreams Can Come True
17 Feb OMCC Annual Retreat 2019 – 125 Hearts Gather to Celebrate Oasis Annual Festival!
14 Feb Jaipur Literature Festival Special: Part 4
12 Feb Jaipur Literature Festival Special: Part 3
10 Feb Jaipur Literature Festival Special: Part 2
8 Feb Jaipur Literature Festival Special: Part 1
1 Feb Oasis Movement 2018 : Glimpses of Sparkling, Inspiring Journey through Highlights and Statistics
25 Jan Oasis Youth Camp ‘Haakal’ – Oasis Awakening Courage and Confidence within Today’s Youth
1 Dec Oasis Project Misaal: Bringing Forth Leaders from Society
25 Nov Grand Son of A.S.Neill & Vice Principal of Summerhill, Henry Readhead’s First Visit to India inspires Teachers, Principals, Parents, Children & many more
1 Oct Diwali Gifts of New Oasis Publications
15 Sep Oasis Jyotirdhar Abhiyaan: Marching Ahead with 43 Workshops in 2017
3 Sep Summer 2017: Series of Dream India Camps inspire Leadership in Young Citizens of India
16 Aug Jyotirdhar Abhiyaan Commences at Ladakh
8 Aug Exciting Opportunity to Dialogue with Henry Readhead, Assistant Principal, Summerhill School, UK
27 Jul Children’s Freedom Movement Special: Part 2
24 Jul Children’s Freedom Movement Special: Part 1
7 Jul Oasis IYLDP: Military Training Camp at Panchgani & Mahabaleshwar for Young Oasis Commandos
23 Jun Oasis at Jammu-Kashmir – Oasis Touches 536 Students through 11 Life Camps & 6 New Local Facilitators
16 Jun Oasis Launches 5 New Books this Summer
23 May Summer Sparks Series of Oasis Programs for All; From Teens to Adults, Students to Professionals
16 May In Partnership with Gram Nirman Kelavni Mandal, Thava – Over 250 Kids Benefitted from Oasis Programs
8 May With Jyotirdhar Abhiyaan & RMSA (J&K) Partnership 150 HODs – HOIs of J&K Complete First Self Leadership Workshop
16 Apr New Friends Undertake Oasis Life Camp Facilitation
23 Mar Talk with Manish Jain, Co-Founder of ‘Shikshantar’ at Oasis Valleys
1 Mar January 2017 – Month of Inspiring Leadership in series of Programs
26 Feb Oasis Launches Workshops for Parents & Teachers on Role of Freedom in Development of Children
8 Feb Young Generation of Oasis Movement Core Community on Cycle Tour
1 Feb Oasis Movement Last Quarter 2016: Programs for All Age Beneficiaries
24 Jan Govt of Jammu & Kashmir Signs MoU for Oasis Programs
21 Jan 2nd Grand Annual Retreat of Oasis Movement Core Community – Oasis Valleys Comes Alive to Celebrate
17 Jan Biggest Dream India Camp this Winter: Children Demonstrate Active Responsible Citizenship – Part 2
6 Jan Biggest Dream India Camp this Winter: Children Demonstrate Active Responsible Citizenship – Part 1
16 Dec Through more than 66 Life Camps Oasis reaches to many Youths & Children
8 Dec Oasis Movement in September-October 2016 at Glance
16 Nov Dream India Camp: Children of Gurukul, Pirana, Ahmadabad Created India of their Dreams here!
8 Nov Oasis Programs Empower Rural Youths & Principals
1 Nov Bengaluru Children Experience Joy of Learning – From Life Camps to L3 Teens Workshop
8 Oct Jyotirdhar Teachers go Within, Discover their inner higher self
1 Oct OASIS Trust Projects build New Leaders
23 Sep Life Camp Monsoon Festival
16 Sep Ripple Effects of Hu Chhu Jyotirdhar Abhiyaan – Principals initiate change in School culture
8 Sep New Oasis Core Members Naw Taking Charge of Oasis Programs for Teens
1 Sep “Oasis Dream India Camp Independently Conducted by Next Gen Facilitators!! “
23 Aug Hu Chhu Jyotirdhar Abhiyaan – Where Teachers Learn to Learn
16 Aug Oasis Dream India Camp – Here Children Create India of their Own – Some Best Reflections…
10 Aug Oasis L3 Course Aids Participants to Grow – From Learning to Practically Applying Principles in Life
1 Aug Oasis Camps Spread Learning Experience In South Gujarat
23 Jul New Generation Leaders Emerge at Bengaluru Centre take Charge of Oasis Programs at Bangaluru
16 Jul Dream India Camp Spells Transformation for Tribal Children from Dang (Guj)
8 Jul Oasis Dream India Camps – Over 180 Urban Kids Created India of their Dreams!
23 Jun Project Saamarthya – Building Independence to Empower Girls : 1st Batch of Oasis L3 Workshop for Teenage Girls Begins!
16 Jun Summer Vacation, Season of Oasis L3 Workshops for Teenagers
8 Jun Oasis Publications reaches 77 Titles of which, more than Million Copies Sold they continue to Inspire Readers
1 Jun Oasis Reaches to give ‘Education of Heart’ to Rural Youth and in Small Towns : Some best Reflections…
23 May First Workshop of Oasis L3 Teens Course at Oasis, Bangalore : Tenagers Realize that They Can be Great
16 May “Oasis Life Camps Involve Tribal Children
Across Vadodara, Dangs Districts : Tribal Schools Students Learn Right Values of Life”
8 May Oasis Programs Reach in Schools of Kashmir : “One of the Best Programs for Principals”
1 May Summer 2016 – Celebrations of Freedom & Happiness Commence
16 Apr Oasis Movement: March 2016, at Glance
8 Apr Oasis Life Camps Spread in Suarashtra Region
1 Apr “Professionals, Couples, Well-Wishers,
Teachers or Rural Community – Oasis L3 Course Proves to be Life
Changer for All”
23 Mar M. S. University of Baroda Joins Hands with OASIS In India’s First Health and Hygiene Course at M. S. University, Vadodara
16 Mar New Team Takes Over Oasis Bangalore Centre
8 Mar Dream India Camp – Children Get Plenty of Love & Confidence
1 Mar Oasis Movement December’15 to January’16, at Glance
16 Feb An Overview of Oasis Movement Year 2015 – A Year of Expansion of Oasis Movement – Part 2
1 Feb An Overview of Oasis Movement Year 2015 – A Year of Expansion of Oasis Movement – Part 1
19 Jan ‘Mother of Orphans’, Sindhutai Sapkal inpired Girls of Gujarat in various Events organised by Oasis
8 Jan Glimpses of First Annual Retreat of Oasis Movement Core Community at Oasis Valleys
1 Jan Teenaged Girls undergo powerful experiences in Saamarthya Girl Leaders’ Special Dream India Camp
16 Dec Oasis Movement: November & December 2015, at Glance
1 Dec Celebrations Begin at Oasis Valleys – Completion of Expansion of Institute – Welcome to ‘New’ Oasis Valleys!
16 Nov Good Touch, Bad Touch’ Workshop by Oasis ASHA, Bangalore – Lead way against Child Sexual Abuse
1 Nov ગુજરાતી સાહિત્યમાં સૌ પ્રથમ વાર વૈજ્ઞાનિક ઢબે અધ્યાત્મની ખોજ તરફ દોરતું સંજીવ શાહનું નવા વર્ષની ભેટ સમું અનોખું પુસ્તક – અધ્યાત્મની શોધમાં
16 Oct Oasis South Gujarat Center’ Project Launched at Surat – New Team takes up Leadership
1 Oct Project Saamarthya Organizes First Rural Girls’ Special Dream India Camp
16 Sep Oasis Dream India Camp – ‘School On Wheels’ Teens Enjoy Precious Life Education at Dream India!
1 Sep Oasis L3 Course – Learning the Science of Spirituality: Professionals Experience the Art of Meditative Living
16 Aug “Beyond Barriers of Language, Friendship Flourishes In Dream India Camp at Oasis Valleys – A Camp where South India met West India”
1 Aug સાચી સફળતા, ચારિત્ર્ય-ઘડતર તથા ઉન્નત જીવનને મનુષ્યના વિચારો સાથે સીધું જોડતું, સમાજમાં વૈચારિક ક્રાંતિ પ્રેરવા સક્ષમ તેવું, સંજીવ શાહનું નવું પુસ્તક ‘હૃદયે ક્રાંતિ’
16 Jul Diverse Age Groups Celebrate Relationship Building as they undergo Oasis L3 Workshops at Oasis Valleys
1 Jul Children Create & Experience India of Their Dreams – In the Dream India Camp for ASHA Project Children & Charlie Trust Children
16 Jun Dream India Camp for Navsari Youths at Oasis Valleys
1 Jun Hu Chhu Jyotirdhar Abhiyaan: True Transformation Stories of Teachers, Leading Torch Bearers
16 May Fun, Friendship & Learning… Full On!! – Dream of Children’s Freedom Flourishes at Oasis Valleys
1 May “First Dream India Camp of Oasis at Bangalore by Oasis ASHA Team – a brief report”
16 Apr First Dream India Camp Specially for Gujarat State Board 2015 students!
1 Apr Oasis Movement March 2015: International Women’s Day Celebrations at Oasis Valleys And Much More…
16 Mar Oasis Valleys Gears up to Celebrate Children’s Freedom by Series of Dream India Camps in this Year
1 Mar Life Camps, Love Camps, Oasis L3 Workshop and Many more… Programs at Oasis Valleys Going On in Full Swing
16 Feb Oasis Dream India Camp – Reflections from Prinipals & Professionals
1 Feb Oasis Movement: New Year Begins with lots of Hope & Promises for Children
16 Jan Oasis Movement: November & December 2014, at Glance
1 Jan Oasis Movement: An Over View of Year 2014
16 Dec Oasis Dream India Camp Special– Part: 2
1 Dec Oasis Dream India Camp Special– Part: 1
16 Nov First Special L3 Workshop Series for Teenagers: Self-confidence of Teenagers Overflowed
1 Nov New Facilitators build their strength in Special Facilitators Training Retreats
16 Oct A Speical Issue on ‘Oasis – I.Y.L.D.P.’
1 Oct Oasis Publications Brings – ‘Free at Last – The Sudbury Valley School’ by Daniel Greenberg; now in Gujarati
16 Sep Oasis Trust Welcomes – New Managing Trustee
1 Sep Oasis Valleys: Final Phase of Construction Surges Ahead!
16 Aug Indian Young Leadership Development Program by Oasis for Wholistic Development of Youths
1 Aug Oasis Movement News at Glance: April-July
16 Jul Oasis Movement News at Glance: June 2014
1 Jul Oasis Dream India- Leadership Camp For Selected Young Leaders Of Future India
8 Jun Another Dream India Camp at Oasis Valleys Raises Pulse of Next-Gen India
1 Jun Oasis Movement News at Glance: May 2014
1 May Oasis Valleys Hosts a Special Dream India Camp In Kannada for Youths of Bangalore!
16 Apr આજની શિક્ષણ વ્યવસ્થા સામે ઓએસિસે ઉઠાવ્યા ખૂબ અગત્યના સવાલ –કેળવણીના સંદર્ભે શું આપણે સારા એવા ભૂલા નથી પડ્યા?ક્યાં છીએ આજે આપણે? સાચી દિશા કઈ?
1 Apr Summer Celebrations of Freedom & Happiness for Children & Youths begin at Oasis Valleys
16 Mar ઓએસિસની બુનિયાદની સૌરભ ફેલાવતું લે. સંજીવ શાહનું નૂતન પ્રકાશન: ‘જિંદગી…’
1 Mar Oasis Movement News at Glance: February 2014
16 Feb Oasis Movement News at Glance : January 2014
1 Feb Oasis Publications Special : Over 1 Million Copies Sold In Last 15 Years!! – Readers speak
16 Jan Life Camps For Special Groups of Students at Oasis Valleys
1 Jan Oasis Movement 2013 : Glimples
16 Dec Ripple Effects Of Jyotirdhar Abhiyaan Begin…
1 Dec SummerHill Leadership Camp For Selected Young Leaders Of Future India
1 Nov First Oasis Workshop for State-level Organisers of Jyotirdhar Abhiyaan Ignites Projects Across Various Regions of Gujarat
16 Oct Completing 1st Year, ‘Jyotirdhar’ Teachers Find Oasis Course Unparalleled, Extraordinary and Mind-blowing
8 Oct Professionals Complete 2nd Year Of Oasis L3 Course At Oasis Valleys
16 Sep જ્યોતિર્ધર અભિયાન, કેળવણીના ક્ષેત્રમાં ક્રાંતિકારી પરિવર્તન માટેનું અભિયાન – સહભાગીઓના પ્રતિભાવો
1 Sep Oasis Learning Programs Impact Professionals From Diverse Sectors
16 Aug Youth Camp for Navasari Anavil Trust – Reflections from Students
1 Aug SummerHill Camp for Rural Children of ‘School on Wheel’, Sister Nivedita Foundation, Rajkot
16 Jul “જ્યોતિર્ધર બનીએ” – Campaign for Teachers – 1st Phase Finished – Glimpses & Reflections
1 Jul Advanced Leadership Development Camp 2013 under IYLDP – Reflections by the Participants
16 Jun SummerHill Camp II for Orphan kids of Vatsalyadham Trust : “સમરહિલ કૅમ્પ અમારા માટે ખૂબ મોટું વરદાન છે; અમારે અમારા જેવા બીજા વિદ્યાર્થીઓ માટે આવી ઓએસિસ વૅલીઝ ખોલવી છે”
1 Jun 5th SummerHill Camp At Oasis Valleys – Another Milestone Towards Freedom & Happiness for Children
1 May પત્ની જોઈએ, મા જોઈએ, બહેન જોઈએ…. તો દીકરી કેમ નહીં? – Patriotism Camp on Women Empowerment at Oasis Valleys
16 Apr Children & Youths are fascinated by Life Camps at Oasis Valleys – Reflections…
1 Apr iLead Program for A Globle IT Company- Mindtree, USA employees – “Great Workshop, brings Life into Perspective; Moving, even Transformational!”
16 Mar Oasis – ASHA Celebrates International Women’s Day at Madurai, Tamil Nadu through Different Health Education Programs for Girls
1 Mar Oasis L3 Course: Enthralling Experience for the New Participants : 4 Year Journey Begins For The New Batch Of Professionals At Oasis Valleys
16 Feb Life Camp Continues To Captivate Students At Oasis Valleys
1 Feb Oasis L3 Course – 2nd Year titled ‘Learning To Love’ – Begins At Oasis Valleys – Reflections
16 Jan Oasis Valleys Completes 1st Year: A Photo Journey Through Programs at Oasis Valleys : 2012
1 Jan SummerHill Camp for children of Vatsalyadham Orphanage at Oasis Valleys
16 Dec SummerHill Camp At Oasis Valleys : Rated by Children as the most Innovative & Extraordinary Camp
1 Dec Oasis L3 Course’ at Oasis Valleys – Very Empowering! Very Liberating! Very Enriching! Feels Magical! – Reflections from Participants
1 Nov Let Us Be The Torch-Bearers’ – A Campaign for Awareness and Fulfillment of Teacher’s Swadharma
16 Oct iLead Program For A Globle IT Company- Mindtree, Europe employees – “An experience of a very different but important process of self-discovery”
1 Oct SummerHill Camp for Surat Municipal School children : Festival Of Fun, Learning & Happiness At Oasis Valleys
16 Sep SummerHill Camp 2 for Underprevilaged children of Jumbish NGO : Students Celebrated “मस्ती की पाठशाला…” at Oasis Valleys
1 Sep A Unique Camp on Patriotism for Children & Youths : “भारत का रहनेवाला हूँ…”
16 Aug Oasis Life Camp Creates ‘Awe-Inspiring’ Feeling in Students – Reflections about Oasis Life Camps
1 Aug With Oasis Initiatives 150 Teachers of Navsari & Surat Dist. got together to Begin the Journey to become the Best Teachers
16 Jul One Thing Has Happened Consistently; Life Camps have Motivated Children, Unfailingly – Reflections about Oasis Life Camps
7 Jul SummerHill Camp – मस्ती की पाठशाला… at Oasis Valleys – Special Series – Part 5
19 Jun SummerHill Camp – मस्ती की पाठशाला… at Oasis Valleys – Special Series – Part 4
13 Jun SummerHill Camp – मस्ती की पाठशाला… at Oasis Valleys – Special Series – Part 3
7 Jun SummerHill Camp – मस्ती की पाठशाला… at Oasis Valleys – Special Series – Part 2
1 Jun SummerHill Camp – मस्ती की पाठशाला… at Oasis Valleys – Special Series – Part 1
16 May At Oasis Valleys Life Camp goes out of Four Walls – Empathizing with Rural Life & Occupations inspires students
1 May Reflections from Oasis LIFE Camp Facilitators – Beginning of a New Journey of Life as Oasis Life Camp Facilitator
16 Apr ‘Oasis Valleys’ Invites You for a Unique Health Revision Retreat : चिरयौवनयोग
1 Apr Beginning of ‘Oasis L3 Course’ at Oasis Valleys From Jan’12: The Oasis Workshop Series that has Transformed Many Lives!
15 Mar Special Issue : Summer Camp At Oasis Valleys
1 Mar Oasis Facilitators’ Workshop for Principals & Teachers of Navsari
15 Feb ‘Oasis Valleys’ – Model For Promoting Sustainable Rural Development
1 Feb LIFE Camps At Oasis Valleys – A Star Attraction
16 Jan Missed Inaugural Functions and Visit to Oasis Valleys? – Here’s a Brief Photo Tour of Oasis Valleys
1 Jan New Era Begins for Oasis Movement: Facilitators’ Training Retreat on ‘Learning to be Very Effective Oasis Workshop Facilitator’
16 Dec Oasis Youth camp Reflections: Oasis Youth Camps Make Youths Think About Their LIFE & Give Them Confidence
1 Dec Series Of Meaningful Inaugural Events At Oasis Valleys
16 Nov Oasis LIFE Classes Continue To Be The Most Favourite Classes
1 Nov Amazing Response For Oasis iLead Program!
16 Oct Unique Celebrations Of Opening Of Oasis Valleys Institute Continues…Glimpses Of Symposium, Rural Leadership Development Program & Dashera Celebrations
1 Oct Much Awaited, New Expanded Edition of ‘Mahan Hrudayona SaReGaMaPaDhaNi’ is Now Available For Sale
16 Sep ‘Oasis Family’ Opens Oasis Valleys in an Informal Inaugurationn
1 Sep Invitation to Educational Institutes for attending a Symposium – ‘શીખતી શાળાના શીખતા આચાર્યો’ – એક પરિસંવાદ
16 Aug Growing with LOVE Classes – Oasis LOVE Classes Powerfully Begin to Mesmerize Students – Some Reflections…
1 Aug After Completing Life Classes in the Second Year Oasis Introduces Most Important Aspect of Life – LOVE
16 Jul New Arrival of Oasis Publications : બા અદબ…બા મુલાહિઝા… હોશિયા…ર ‘મહાન હ્રદયોના સારેગમપધનિ’ જેની નવી આવૃત્તિ, નવા અવતારમાં આવી રહી છે…
1 Jul Under Indian Young Leadership Development Program, after LIFE Classes, Oasis Is Launching ‘LOVE Classes’ for Students
16 Jun Growing with LIFE Class : OASIS SUMMER CAMP FOR LIFE CLASS PARTICIPANTS at Oasis Valleys, Vadodara
1 Jun World Environment Day Special – Debates Over. Climate Change is REAL & Happening…!
16 May Growing with LIFE Class : Review & Goals Ahead
1 May New Arrival of Oasis Publication on Education : ‘ઓએસિસ લાઇફ ક્લાસમાં શીખતાં શીખવતાં’
16 Apr New Oasis publication, ‘SummerHill’ – Amost All Copies Sold out in Just 10 days of Publishing!! : Reflections from Readers…
1 Apr New Arrival of Oasis Publications on Education : કેળવણી ક્ષેત્રે થયેલા એક સફળ, અનોખા અને ક્રાંતિકારી પ્રયોગની વાત – સમરહિલ
16 Mar IYLDP – A Seminar attended by Pricipals, Trustess and Alight & Aware citizens of society at Oasis Valleys : “Challenges Of Present Education System”
1 Mar New Arrival of Oasis Publications on Education: કેળવણીની ભેટ
16 Feb Growing LIFE Class – January 2011 : Nature Inspires to Bring Out The Best Hidden Within…
1 Feb IYLDP – A Seminar attended by Pricipals, Trustess & Teachers of Educational Institute : આધુનિક કેળવણીના પડકારો – શીખતી શાળાઓ અને શીખતા શિક્ષકો: એક પરિસંવાદ
16 Jan Growing LIFE Class – December 2010 : અન્યના જીવનને સમજવાના પ્રયત્નમાં પોતાનાં જીવન વિશે ગંભીર થતાં લાઇફ ક્લાસના બાળકો
1 Jan Oasis Team On Annual Vision Retreat
– “We Enjoy Life To Its Fullest Under All Circumstances”
16 Dec Growing with LIFE Class – November 2010 : Life Is Beautiful… Life Is Joy… Life Is Full Of Fun…
1 Dec Growing with LIFE Class : Focus is Right on the Target – 100 Life Class, 1 Lac Students
16 Nov Growing with LIFE Class – October 2010 : Knowledge of Our Unique Self is the Best Gift We Can Have
1 Nov Growing with LIFE Class – October 2010 : Debate = Constructive Disagreement To Reach To The Truth
16 Oct Growing Teachers of LIFE Class : As Freedom Percolates, Participation Increases In LIFE Classes
1 Oct Teachers asking Questions to Education System – Is Education In India Pro-child Or Anti-child?
16 Sep Growing with LIFE Classes – August 2010 : Participants Goes Out of School to Meet Reality of the World
1 Sep Growing with LIFE Classes – August 2010 : They Instantly Fell In Love with It! They Found Life Classes Simply “Cool”!
16 Aug Growing with LIFE Classes with Over 2000 Students/Teachers at Gujarat-Mumbai-Bangalore! : “Learning With Fun” is Spreading Really Fast !!
1 Aug Growing with LIFE Classes – July 2010 : જ્યાં બાળકો મનોરંજનની સાથે સાથે જીવનના અદ્ભુત પાઠ શીખી રહ્યાં છે
15 Jul Growing with LIFE Classes – June 2010 : ગુજરાતની કેટલીક ચૂંટેલી શાળાઓમાં શરુ થયેલા લાઈફ-કલાસે પહેલા જ સેશનથી ધૂમ મચાવી
16 Jun Oasis – Summer Special Camp on ‘Life’
1 Jun Oasis – Summer Special Camp on ‘Career Guidance’ – लक्ष्य तो हर हाल में पाना है…!
16 May First Summer Leadership Camp of Oasis – अपनी तो पाठशाला…….मस्तीकी पाठशाला……
1 May ઓએસિસ લાઇફ ક્લાસ વિશે બાળકો કહે છે…
16 Apr Oasis Announces First Summer Leadership Camp for Talented Teenagers – मस्ती की पाठशाला!
1 Apr Oasis Life Classes March 2010 – જે જીવન જીવતા ન શીખવે તેને કેળવણી કહેવાય ખરી?
16 Mar Oasis Life Classes February 2010 – Beginning of a Different Kind of Education
1 Mar Special issue on FAMILY-BUILDING – Important insights on Bulding good Families to Build a good Nation
16 Feb Indian Young Leadership Development Program is Spreading Across Gujarat
1 Feb Special issue on IYLDP program – A Revolutionary Idea Called “Oasis LIFE Classes”
16 Jan Oasis Re-launches Indian Young Leadership Development Program
1 Jan SSpecial issue on Commitement – Stand For Something Or You’ll Fall For Anything – Insights on ‘Commitement’
16 Dec To Live is To Love is To Learn! – New Oasis Publication on Love
1 Dec Special Issue on Dreams – “If you can dream it, you can do it.” – Insights on Why a person should have Dreams
16 Nov Reflections of Oasis Time Leadership Workshop for Professionals, Ahmadabad
1 Nov Making of ‘Oasis Movement Vision Statement’
16 Oct Reflections from Excell Crop Care Industries Employees for Oasis Mahan Hrudayona Saregamapadhani workshop conducted for them at Mumbai
1 Oct Special Issue on Passion – Passion is the Key to Life – Insights on ‘Passion’
16 Sep Reflections of the Representatives, Executives & Principals, of Gujarat Govt for Oasis Mahan Hrudayona Saregamapadhani workshop
1 Sep Teacher’s Day Special – Thus Spake the Great Teachers
16 Aug Oasis Basic Course of Character Education for Professionals – Reflections…
1 Aug Independence day special – A book review on the First Biography on Independent India
16 Jul Oasis ASHA project, Bangalore – Spreading wings at Coimbatore & Mysore!
1 Jul Special Issue on Hard work – Hard work is an Essential Tool for personal growth – A Story and some insights on ‘Hard work’
16 Jun Oasis Completes Two Decades of its Inception – Once a Fantasy, Now a Reality!
1 Jun World Environment Day Special – We have only one PLANET and one FUTURE!
16 May Shri Girish Patel – the Conscience-Keeper of Gujarati Society!
27 Apr 2010 Lok Sabha Election Special
16 Apr Prevention is Better then Cure : Team of Oasis – ASHA Project, Bangalore has taught Health & Hygine lessons to More then 1000 Government School Students
1 Apr Gratitude Special – Towards Gratefullness…
16 Mar On Our ‘Guru’ Vimala Thakar – Didima, left the mortal world
1 Mar True Stories of First batch of Oasis Graduation Course LLL : Part 2
16 Feb Upcoming Oasis Publications Releases in February 2009
1 Feb True Stories of First batch of Oasis Graduation Course LLL : Part 1
16 Jan Conclusion of a unique experiment – Continuing the unique journey….!
1 Jan MY OPINION STRONGEST – Perspectives of Alive Readers on Mumbai Attacks
15 Dec New Book Releases on Eve of New Year
1 Dec MUMBAI ATTACKS : 200 LIVES + 5000 CRORES LOSS + A SHAKEN NATION – What do we do now?
15 Nov Together, Let us strengthen our commitment for Better Education
1 Nov Children’s Day Special – It is never too late to have a happy childhood
15 Oct “Sapne Zameen Par…”Dreaming Together about new Education System
1 Oct On the occasion of ‘World Mental Health Day’ on October 4th-The Healthiness of Depression
15 Sep News in Nutshell about Oasis – Bangalore, Oasis – Surat and Oasis Valleys, Chanod
1 Sep Teachers’ Spicial – Light The Lamp Within, Teacher!
15 Aug News in Nutshell about Oasis – Bangalore, Oasis – Surat, Oasis Valleys, Chanod and Oasis Publications
15 Jul Glimpses of What Oasis is doing & has done Outside Gujarat.
1 Jul Forgiveness For World Peace – For being authentically successful, we need to learn to forgive.
16 Jun Oasis launches novel concept of “Learning Community” through the Seminar “Vision for Sustainable Rural Development”
16 May What is Oasis Movement? – In Crux
1 Apr World Health Day – Can somebody, on the verge of death, be extremely healthy? + Oasis Publications on Health
15 Mar Oasis Celebrated International Women’s Day in Unique way
1 Mar International Womens’ Day – A letter from women of this world to educated men… AND Oasis Publications on Women Empowerment
15 Feb A Workshop on Relationships, created heart-warming vibrations
1 Feb Chains of Belief: What I can not do…
15 Jan Oasis Lauched New Workshop Series of L-M-E (Leadership-Management-Empowerment)

Nothing can be taught.
We can only learn.
Even a strong can not help
the weak without willingness.

~ John Wooden